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Music City - Bruxelles (Logo)

Akaï Professional – MPC Live & MPC X

Un eXpert MPC à votre disposition chez Music City

Alors que Akaï se prépare au lancement de la nouvelle génération de MPC, Music City devient MPC Specialist Center et s’apprête à vous conseiller au mieux lorsque vous viendrez tester ou acheter les modèles bientôt disponibles au magasin. Mike sera désormais votre MPC eXpert et se tiendra à votre disposition.

Separate from the pack. STANDALONE

Modern music’s evolution is intrinsically linked to the legendary Akaï Professional MPC line – full-featured production and performance powerhouses that have spawned multiple genres and advanced countless existing ones. With a design often replicated but never surpassed, the Music Production Centre empowers users with an unrivalled workflow and a tangible, intuitive interface coupled with forward thinking, in-demand functionality that sets the precedence for the industry standard. Don’t settle for an imitation, take control of your creative output with MPC.

New In MPC

MPC returns, armed with reimagined functionality and retaining the core workflow ethos that defined it’s iconic reputation. So what’s new in MPC? Standalone functionality, audio track recording, clip launching, real-time time- stretching and pitch-shifting MPC Software 2.0 and much more. This isn’t just the next generation of MPCs, this is a turning point in self-contained creative capability.

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Come In-Store for a Demo

Come in-store to see how Akai Professional’s MPC X and MPC Live can revolutionise your workflow. Contact our resident MPC eXpert today for all enquiries and to book your appointment.

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